Emery Grains and Powder

Emery Grains and Powder

A wide range of abrasive products for Milling Industry & Surface finishing treatment are manufactured in automatic grinding and grading plant under supervision of Technical Experts.

We manufacture Synthetic Emery Grains by using high quality bauxite processed under calcination kilns by scientifically tested methods, which ensures high grade quality product suitable for various industries. The Emery processed in close circuit plant and fines are separated by dust collectors to make super fine mesh, our expert techniques of manufacturing Emery Grains with uniform hardness and mesh/grit size.

Grit sizes are available range 8-400 mesh as per standard of IS, BS and FIPA standard.


Applications of Emery Grains:

  • Mild steel, Stainless steel, Glass polishing and grinding
  • As a floor hardener for anti-skid flooring
  • Emery paper/cloth manufacturing
  • For polishing Rice/Gram Pulse/Grains
  • Flour mill stones
  • Sand blasting


Chemical composition* is appearing hereunder:

Grit/ Mesh Size



Hardness Moh's Scale


Packing Kg.

6 to 400 Mesh

55 - 65%

15 - 25%

8 to 9

5 - 15%

25 - 50 Ba

 * All specifications are subject to modifications


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