Flour Mill - Electric Motor

Flour Mill - Electric Motor


With over 60 years of experience in manufacturing, we are the finest and most progressive induction motors manufacturers in Rajasthan, India.


With PUKHRAJ Induction Motors you are guaranteed top quality AC motors, made with robust tested sheets, graded cast iron, prime stamping, dynamic balanced rotor and high-grade copper wire. Being curated by a team of highly qualified professionals with optimum technology and R&D as per international standards, suitable for all applications.

PUKHRAJ induction motors are available in SIC70, SIC100, SIE100 models.






NBC or Equivalent


NBC bearings are known for long life and best loading bearing capacity

Grade of Stamping/Steel

CRNO/Prime (3W/m2 Loss)

Decarburized Scrap Steel

Prime steel is the best grade of stamping used in motors; less energy consumptionl efficiency of motor increases

Centrifugal Clutch

Heavy Duty

Local centrifugal switch

The most important part of the motor if this fails, the motor fails/burns. Hence, we have used the heavy duty and proven clutch used by renowned manufactures

Thermal Overload Protector (T.O.P.)

Hi-quality and quick response TOP with manual rest option


T.O.P. trips the motor when overloaded or over heated. It can be reset manually by pressing the reset button




Greater the efficiency, best result

Dynamic Rotor Balancing



Rotors are dynamically balanced to give smooth operation life long

Insulation Class

F Class

B Class

Better insulation gives better efficiency and high heat resistance

Packaging Material

Corrugated Box with HDEP Liner

3/5 Ply Corrugated Box

Waterproof packing box ensures safe transportation


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