Horizontal Bolt Type Atta Chakki

Horizontal Bolt Type Atta Chakki

‘EMERALD’ mark Indian horizontal type grinding mills are constructed with mild steel plates mounted on strong channel / angle structure, bright steel shaft, dust - proof bearings with oil seal and superior ‘EMERALD’ mark millstones are fitted to ensure longer life. The lower stone rotates on tapered shaft - end aligned automatically with key - end provided at the shaft. Upper stationery stone rests on adjustable strong bolts. The system for fixing the stationery stone incorporates the great advantage that is possible to align the stone to each other without recutting or redressing. A mild steel sheet strip is provided around the grinding stones tightened with nut - bolts to enable the operator at any time to check the alignment. A hand wheel regulates the grinding according to the degree of fineness desired. The ‘EMERALD’ horizontal type mills are available from size 250mm (10”) to 1200mm (48”).


Sr. No.

Size (mm.)

Motor (H.P.)


Flour Output (Kg/h)

1. 400 5.0 600 100
2. 450 5.0 600 125
3. 500 7.5 600 175
4 600 15 550 250
5 750 25 500 350


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