Salt (NaCl)

Salt (NaCl)


The group has an integrated a salt refinery, using the latest technologies available as per world standards, to refine salt to a very high degree of purity. The sophisticated principles of chemical engineering used by the company are the same as favoured by the leading salt refineries in the world. Salt produced by our salt refinery is exceptionally high in purity and minerals as the raw material is from the largest Salt Lake in the nation – The Sambhar Lake.

The salt refinery is designed with the help of eminent salt technologists; based on the latest principles of chemical engineering resulting in very low consumption of utilities producing outstanding quality of final product. 

Our product SUNSHAKTI is NATURALLY free flowing and does not contain any harmful anti-caking agents which are present in all other brands of free-flowing salt. This has been possible because we use state-of-art plant & technology and apply most modern techniques to make SUNSHAKTI NATURALLY free flowing without addition of any harmful anti-caking additives.  Our brands of salt are different from other brands of salt, as they are drawn from pollution free subsoil brine water of Sambhar Lake, well-known for centuries as the source of finest quality and healthy salt. Our edible salt is also iodized, treated and packaged in the most hygienic and sterile conditions.

Marketing Program:

SUNSHAKTI brand salt is the first choice in Indian kitchens. We are also packaging and marketing Iodised Salt, Beauty & Spa Salt, Oil Seeds, Guar & Guargum Powder, Bulk Spices, Rice and different Multi-grain Flours.

We undertake turnkey manufacturing of machinery projects for Mini Salt Manufacturing Refinery, demo plant at Nawa City, Rajasthan.



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